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Mobility in Ethiopia now made easy.
Never get lost, or rely on landmarks and word-of-mouth. Door-to-door directions for residential, commercial, and governmental locations.

Reliable & Current

Constantly updated with current neighborhoods, streets, addresses, landmarks and routes.

Fastest Routing

Always the quickest and most efficient navigation routes between two or more locations.


Adrasha responds to your desktop or mobile device's features and limitations for an intuitive and effective user experience.

API Layer

A subscription-based API is available for third-party applications to use Adrasha's dataset and maps.

Adrasha helps businesses, the public, and government entities to significantly reduce travel/transit time.

Why Adrasha?

According to the International Monetary Fund, Ethiopia’s economy was ranked as the fastest growing economy in the world. The country has witnessed a growth in both public and private sector development as well increase in commerce. Addis Ababa is home to more than 120 international missions and embassies, African Union and the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).

Furthermore, the city is home to important tourist attractions, including several museums, historical and cultural sites, markets, and places of worship. Addis Ababa also recently launched the newly developed light railway system in an urban setting depicting its advancement in infrastructural development. Ethiopia was also ranked in the People’s Choice list of Top 10 Best Tourist Destination for 2015, which positions it a top tourist destination moving forward.

Adrasha's navigation system is designed to be used by businesses, the public, as well as government entities, significantly reducing travel/transit time. Furhtermore, Adrasha's location information for businesses, houses, facilities, tourist attractions or anything in the city is an addition to public welfare. All users can benefit in finding commercial and public services as well as driving navigation to POIs needed, with real-time traffic information. These services are available on the web and as mobile applications.

In addition, Adrasha's navigation system increseases the efficiency of road traffic control, optimizes the operation of transport and freight vehicles, improve road safety, and eases accessibility for tourists and visitors. It uses route optimization to avoid accidents/ roadblocks and provides realistic travel times and ETAs to destinations.

Long-term, Adrasha would empower businesses with the right tools for pick-up and delivery of goods and services. Customers are simultaneously empowered with access to business information such as working hours, services provided, contact information, and satisfaction ratings.


Real-time driving navigation routes, with traffic updates and travel time.

Goods & Services

Efficient and updated routes for delivery and pick-up of freight, goods, and services.


Directions to historical and cultural sites, markets, and several tourist attractions and commercial/government locations.

The Team

The Adrasha team is built on over 40 years of combined work experience in public and private sectors in multiple countries.

Tewodros Hailegeberel

Chief Operations Officer

Tewodros (Teddy) Nega

Chief Technology Officer

Tewodros Zerihun

Chief Financial Officer

Nolawi Taddesse

Communications Director

Robel Kassa

Creative Director

Empowering businesses and customers with the right tools for pick-up and delivery of goods and services, business hours and locations, and satisfaction ratings.